Old Computer Ads

I love these. You can e-mail me scans of old computer ads or even donate old computer mags from the 197x-198x...More will come soon...

From US magazines
Commodore 64 1983 (Comparing price to other "similar" systems)
Compuserve 1983 (God that compuserve was expensive)
Compute! cover 1983 (With all the different systems around then...must of been hell for the editor)
Pop Science cover 1982 (With the Sinclair on the cover - Worlds First $100 Computer!)
Sinclair Ad 1982 (Build your own computer for $79.95...look at the high quality phillips screwdriver...)
Cromenco Computers (late 70s early 80s)
Cybervision 2001 (From CES show early 80s, ever made it to mass prod?)
Dynabyte Computers (early 80s)
Home Wixard (CES show early 80s - prototype?)
IMSAI VDP40 (looked nice....)
Interact (Won award at CES....)
MSI 12 (big)
Noval 760 (computer In-A-Desk....)
North Star Horizon (ah that woodgrain...)
Ohio Scientific 2C-4P (blue!)
Ohio Scientific 3B
Polymorphic Systems 8813 (w-o-o-d-g-r-a-i-n)
RCA Cosmac VIP (where is the dog?)
Smarts II
SOL (yes...SOL)
Exidy Sorcerer (I still have hope of finding one)
SouthWest Technical Products Corporation System B (SWTPC for short...)
Radio Shack Tandy System 10 (before I saw this ad, I never knew this had existed)
TEAL computer (CES prototype?)
Technico Inc TMS9900 (16 bits in 1978!)
TRS80 Mod.I ad for different configurations
Vector Graphics Vector 2 (never seen this one....another CES prototype?)

From French/European magazines
DAI 1983 (CP/M system - from french magazine)
EDS 1983 (Dual Z80 - 16 users? from french magazine)